UEI and SIGMAXYZ Announce AI-Enabled Automatic Document Input Platform “Deep SIGMA DPA”

Press Release

UEI Corporation (President and CEO: Ryo Shimizu; Headquarters: Yushima, Tokyo) and SIGMAXYZ Inc. (President and CEO: Hideki Kurashige; Headquarters: Minato, Tokyo) are pleased to announce Deep SIGMA DPA (Document Process Automation, an automatic input platform utilizing UEI’s AI technology. The service will be available through SIGMAXYZ. This service, which combines UEI’s deep learning technology with the Google Cloud Vision API and SIGMAXYZ’s RPA (Robotic Process Automation), will mark the first time SIGMAXYZ has released an AI platform service.

About Deep SIGMA DPA:

Even as nearly all business turn to digital solutions, document processing continues to frustrate efforts at efficiency. Even though traditional OCR packages have seen increased accuracy at text recognition, proper formatting and data processing have proven elusive. Numerous business continue to rely on input by hand.
SIGMAXYZ saw an opportunity to use AI to solve this problem. They evaluated data from major industries using various API and deep learning, based on the four key steps of layout recognition, text recognition, topic correction, and system input. Their work led to Deep SIGMA DPA.
Deep SIGMA DPA used UEI’s deep learning image recognition model for layout recognition, Google Cloud Vision API for text recognition, and its own RPA technology for topic correction. This combination of technology has led to an astounding accuracy exceeding 95%, far higher than the 95% attained by the average OCR solutions.
From just a few hundred pages of document images, Deep SIGMA DPA can quickly adapt to various formats in a short period. After it has absorbed a new format, it can process it without any additional time required for learning. As more and more users adopt it, this cloud-based efficiency will increase. Only the deep learning model will be shared, so businesses can rest assured of the privacy of their documents’ contents.
UEI and SIGMAXYZ have a long history of consulting with a variety of businesses for big data and AI solutions in numerous platforms. From insurance to real estate to manufacturing, the benefits of AI have been proven countless times. The two companies hope to build on this track record to continue to develop cutting-edge solutions that bring businesses to the forefront of the digital edge.

Deep SIGMA DPA Features:

● More than 99% accuracy in layout recognition, character recognition, and topic correction
● Complete, accurate automation of document input
● New formats can be learned with just a few hundred pages of documents
● Previously learned formats can be processed without deep learning
● Accuracy will increase with adoption
● Privacy assured for sensitive materials
(※) Google Cloud Platform is a trademark of Google Inc.

Deep SIGMA DPA Official Website:


Company Name: SIGMAXYZ Inc.
Location: Toranomon Towers Office, 9th floor, 4-1-28 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0001, Japan
President and CEO: Hideki Kurashige
Founded: May 9, 2008
Principal Capitol: 2.456 billion Yen (as of March 2017)
Principal Stockholder: Mitsubishi Corporation, Internet Initiative Japan Inc., INTEL Inc.
Business Areas: Business consulting and services

SIGMAXYZ brings together the best professionals in strategy, M&A, business, IT systems, technology development, and project management to help your business increase its value and competitiveness. In addition to consulting services, it also invests and collaborates with promising partners. In the field of AI, it served as Softbank’s IBM Watson ecosystem partner, Google’s Chrome Cloud Platform service partner, and DataRobot’s consulting partner.

About UEI Corporation:

Company Name: UEI Corporation
Location: 3-1-3 MS Building, Yushima, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0034 Japan
President and CEO: Ryo Shimizu
Founded: August 8, 2003
Principal Capitol: 90 million yen
Principal Stockholder: Ryo Shimizu and others
Business Areas: AI-based hardware and software development and consultation

Led by IPA-certified “Super Creator” and University of Tokyo researcher Ryo Shimizu, UEI Corporation is a third-generation AI technology company empowered to fully exploit the potential of deep learning. From specialized deep learning software and hardware to customized consultation and technology development, it provides a wide variety of AI solutions. Visit for more information.

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