UEI and Glucose Announce Integration of Deep Speech Analysis Tool “Deep Analyzer” to Mastodon for Improved Spam Filtering: Testing to Begin on June 10

Press Release

UEI Corporation (President and CEO: Ryo Shimizu; Headquarters: Yushima, Tokyo) and Glucose Inc. (President and CEO: Shin Adachi; Headquarters: Minato, Tokyo) are pleased to announce that their co-developed P2P Mastodon web client Naumanni will begin testing a new deep language analysis-based Spam filter on June 10.

Naumanni combines UEI’s expertise in AI with Glucose’s skill in web systems and has enjoyed tremendous success since its May 17 release. Now, by integrating UEI’s new LTSM spam recognition technology, businesses creating new Mastodon instances can automatically filter out unwanted content.

Naumanni is an open source software formerly distributed on AGPL. During the initial period this upgrade with new AI technology will be exclusively available from the demo site In addition to spam recognition, at this site users likely to be bots will be reported. These users will be recorded and relearned during each iteration, creating a nimble and robust spam filter.

About “Deep Analyzer”:

Unlike traditional technology, UEI’s new deep learning-based speech analysis tool Deep Analyzer analyzes not merely syntax but any sentence in any language and automatically categorizes it. Because it does not use a dictionary, it can analyze any language in UNICODE as well as sifting through unknown words and context. Its capabilities extend to artificial language like programming source codes. In addition to spam filtering, it can also analyze sentences for similarity, genre, sentiment, and errors, allowing for a wide range of uses.

About Naumanni:

Naumanni is a web client specially designed for Mastodon. Although Mastodon’s user interface was generally well-reserved, it was criticized for relying too strongly on instances and having many small design flaws. Naumanni was developed to overcome these limitations and boasts the following features:

  • It can be easily installed to a local server and managed via docker.
  • Multiple instances can be managed simultaneously. These instances can then be separated into easy-to-mange local timelines.
  • Multiple instances can be integrated into one timeline. Users can choose between a variety of custom settings.
  • Naummani features SMS-esque direct messaging. In typical Mastodon clients, replies to direct messages are included alongside general replies. This approach leads to a messy interface and creates a great deal of confusion for users. Naumanni solves this problem with direct messaging capabilities.

How to Get Naumanni:

Demo version of update with AI spam filter:

For Companies Considering Mastodon:
For companies considering installing Mastodon, Naumanni’s AI spam filter will be available for a fee.

About UEI:

Led by IPA-certified “Super Creator” and University of Tokyo researcher Ryo Shimizu, UEI Corporation is a third-generation AI technology company empowered to fully exploit the potential of deep learning. From specialized deep learning software and hardware to customized consultation and technology development, it provides a wide variety of AI solutions. URL:

About Glucose Inc:

Under IPA-certified “Super Creator” leadership, Glucose Inc. provides web, social media, and mobile app solutions along with prototype development. It also offers solutions combining high-level processing for Linked Open Data and IoT data with deep learning-based AI technology.

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