UEI Introduces New Deep Learning Program For All Ages

Press Release

UEI Corporation (President and CEO: Ryo Shimizu; Headquarters: Yushima, Tokyo) is pleased to announce that its Akihabara Programming School will include a special AI Programming Course aimed at all ages on December 3, 2016.

The past few years have seen explosive growth in AI development, especially machine learning. Learning to program for AI now stands to serve as a lifestyle tool for even non-professionals.

Although deep learning differs considerably from traditional programming, if one has assistance with its mathematical aspects it is paradoxically easier for a beginner to pick up. However, it requires expensive and specialized computer software that makes it impractical for the average adult, much less a child, to pick up.

UEI, which introduced the high-end DEEPstation PC series for deep learning and has already installed well over 80 units in research institutions and universities, has a long history of offering programming and AI seminars. The company believes that everyone, not merely specialists, should be able to learn about the benefits of AI.

With this in mind, it will unveil the AI Programming Course on December 3, 2016 through its Akihabara Programming School. We believe it is the first AI programming course offered anywhere in the world with no age requirement. The course will allow beginners to use actual, high-end PCs for deep learning in order to experience AI for themselves. In addition, to help students catch up with the fast-moving world of AI development, 90 minute seminars are planned every month (these followup seminars also do not have an age requirement, but do require completion of a BASIC course).,

Please see the following site for information on how to participate:

Akihabara Programming School
TEL:03-5812-6507 (weekdays 11:00~5:00)

About UEI Corporation

Founded in 2003, UEI is at the cutting edge of AI software and hardware development. Its deep learning offers include the GUI environment CSLAIER, workstation series DEEPstation DK-1, and cloud platform DEEPstation Cloud.

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