UEI Corporation and UEI Solutions To Split Via Management Buyout (MBO)


On the March 21, 2017 meeting of its board of directors, UEI Corporation (President and CEO: Ryo Shimizu; Headquarters: Yushima, Tokyo) and its former subsidiary UEI Solutions (President, CEO and CTO: Takuhiro Mizuno; Headquarters: Yushima, Tokyo) announced that the latter will split off into an independent company via a management buyout (MBO).

In October of 2015 UEI spun off its entertainment division into the subsidiary UEI Solutions. This allowed UEI itself to focus on research and consulting, while UEIS could further expand its content and business solutions. Now, in order to further the goal of each company maximizing its individual strengths, the two mutually agreed to separate through the MBO of UEIS.

Going forward, UEI plans to continue its growth as the leading provider of revolutionary technology, research, and solutions based on deep learning. UEI Solutions will continue to create innovative VR, MR, and AR business solutions as well as games and smartphone technology. The two companies will endeavor to build upon their mutual history of success and leadership going forward.

3-1-3 MS Building, 8F, Yushima, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo JAPAN 113-0034

UEI Corporation
President and CEO: Ryo Shimizu

UEI Solutions
President, CEO and CTO: Takuhiro Mizuno

UEI Corporation: 03-5812-6507
UEI Solutions: 03-5812-1522