Announcing a National Programming Contest for Elementary and Middle School Students


In order to promote programming skills in students nationwide, UEI Corporation announced the National Programming Contest for Elementary and Middle School Students. Along with UEI, Kadokawa Ascii Research Laboratories Inc and the NPO CANVAS will serve as sponsors.

The theme of the contest will be “Robots and Us.” As long as the finished, original program can operate on PCs, smartphones, tablets, or motherboards like Rasberry Pi, there are no limitations on programming language or development tools.

We are seeking original programs that creatively explore questions of how AI and robots will change our lives going forward. Please check out the official homepage ( for more information. We look forward to your submission!

Why a programming contest?

The Abe administration has made programming a required element of elementary education. However, taught in a vacuum, the merits of programming remain elusive. What if there was a way for children to use programming as a means of expression, competing against their peers in a wholesome environment that encouraged the best from them? We hope that this programming contest will inspire students to increase both their technical skills and creativity as they compete on a national stage.

- Masahiko Inami (Contest Chairman and University of Tokyo Professor)


Kadokawa Ascii Research Laboraties Inc., UEI Corporation, CANVAS

Additional Support:
Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (tentative), The Asahi Shimbun Company, Akihabara Town
Management Inc.

Contest Chairman:
Masahiko Inami (University of Tokyo Professor, Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology)

Satoshi Endo (Kadokawa Ascii Research Laboraties Inc. CEO and Researcher)
Ryo Shimizu (UEI Corporation President and CEO)
Nanako Ishido (CANVAS Chairman of the Board)

“Robots and Us”
We’re Looking For:
Original programs made for PCs, smartphones, tablets, or motherboards like Rasberry Pi. Although programs submitted to other contests are prohibited, we welcome new versions of personal or school projects.

Criteria for Judging:
Originality of concept, programming skill, execution

Japanese elementary or middle school students between 6 and 15 as of April 1, 2016. Groups must consist of three
students or fewer. Submissions must consist of one program per individual or group.

Submission Fee:
Free (any development costs are the responsible of the submitter)

Certificate of Merit and additional prize (MacBook Pro, etc.)

Submission Period:
August 20, 2016 – September 15, 2016