Our Mission

In the coming years AI is poised to become a part of virtually every aspect of life. UEI aims to define this next wave of relationships between AI and humanity. Our goal is to be your partner in developing artificial intelligence that will serve your daily life in any line of work.

We began in 2003 in Akihabara, Tokyo as a small company focused on development of AI and network services. Since then our community of computer science professionals has created network content, programming languages, operating systems, hardware, and more.

Now, some fourteen years later, our original goal of AI development has blossomed into a central business. We made the bold decision to move our other existing services to a subsidiary, UEI Solutions, and going forward to focus exclusively on AI software and business development.

What can we expect from this next generation of AI? Nothing less than a revolution to match the arrival of the Internet...and perhaps one as far-reaching as the dawn of agriculture.

We cannot allow ourselves to miss such an opportunity. Already the possibilities of AI have become apparent in everyday life. What will happen as AI touches more and more people? How will it change them?

UEI aims to create new AI hardware and software, and develop solutions to implement AI into existing industries. In 2015 we joined forces with Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc. (CSL) to introduce DEEPstation, a GUI environment that allows anyone to easily conduct deep learning. It has enjoyed widespread success at numerous universities, national research laboratories, businesses, and science foundations.

We stand on the threshold of a new era in human history. Our team of computer science professionals is constantly seeking new ways to explore the possibilities of AI as the fundamental tool of the 21st century. Please join us as we bring this next generation of AI to life.